Security monitoring

-Application of thermal imager.

Security monitoring

  • Optical camera lens - terahertz camera lens

    Terahertz (THz) wave refers to the electromagnetic wave whose frequency is in the range of 0.1 ~ 10 THz (wavelength is 3000 ~ 30 μ m). It coincides with millimeter wave in long band and infrared light in short band. It is the transition region from macroscopic classical theory to microscopic quantum theory, and also from electronics to photonics. It is called "THz gap" of electromagnetic spectrum. Terahertz lens is widely used in terahertz imaging.

  • FRD_Integrated monitoring of infrared light and visible light by double light monitoring ball machine. The series is equipped with high-performance infrared thermal imaging module and visible light module, designed for security monitoring, can also be installed on the moving vehicles, real-time monitoring of the target. Can be used for stations, airports, urban security, forest fire prevention, port terminals, border defense, coastal surveillance sites.

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Application of infrared thermal imager in forest fire prevention

Industry application          

- Security Monitoring

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