Night driving

-Application of thermal imager.

Night driving

  • Temperature measuring movement

    LT movement is a movement component that can provide high-precision non-contact infrared temperature measurement function. It can be equipped with 4mm, 7.8mm, 13mm, 19mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm infrared temperature measurement lens

  • Alarm movement

    The alarm type long wave uncooled movement has the advantages of high speed, high resolution, small pixel spacing, high sensitivity and low fixed pattern noise. It is suitable for remote monitoring, forest fire prevention, coastal defense and other places.

  • Athermal camera lens

    Prime lens refers to a lens with a fixed focal length, only one focal segment, or only one field of view. The focus lens has no zoom function. Its characteristics are fast focusing speed and stable imaging quality. We provide high-quality and high-precision medium and long wave lens, customers can also customize the size, please consult customer service for detailed price.

  • Hand held thermometer

    The portable thermal imager is designed to be lightweight, and it is used for non-contact temperature measurement and thermal imaging in many industries, such as construction, fire protection, mechanical processing, medical diagnosis and power detection.

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Application of infrared thermal imager in night vision aided driving

Industry application          

- night driving

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