Power monitoring

-Application of thermal imager

Power monitoring

  • medical temperature measuring camera lens

    Medical non-contact is a temperature measuring lens, the temperature measurement accuracy is ± 0.1 ℃. To help the epidemic prevention and control, we provide customers with high-precision temperature measurement lens with focal length of 5-25 (mm).

  • Alarm movement

    The alarm type long wave uncooled movement has the advantages of high speed, high resolution, small pixel spacing, high sensitivity and low fixed pattern noise. It is suitable for remote monitoring, forest fire prevention, coastal defense and other places.

  • Medium wave refrigeration detector

    Medium wave (3-5um) refrigeration core, suitable for scientific research, coastal defense, aircraft pod and other industries, with high sensitivity, fast response speed, phase resolution of 640 * 512, 17um

  • Military multi spectral hand held thermal imager

    High sensitivity infrared thermal imaging telescope can make people clearly observe the situation in the field of view at night when there is no light or in the battlefield with dense clouds.

  • FRD_Integrated monitoring of infrared light and visible light by double light monitoring ball machine. The series is equipped with high-performance infrared thermal imaging module and visible light module, designed for security monitoring, can also be installed on the moving vehicles, real-time monitoring of the target. Can be used for stations, airports, urban security, forest fire prevention, port terminals, border defense, coastal surveillance sites.

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  • Optical scheme

Application of infrared thermal imager in power measurement

Thermal imager application 


-Handheld thermal imager 


- two light monitoring ball machine

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