Optical scheme

To provide customers with optical processing and optical solutions.

Optical scheme

  • Optical lens - Flat lens

    The flat lens is one of the most commonly used optical elements, and is the simplest and the only optical element to be perfect. It can be used as a window, can also be used as a mirror, we provide a variety of materials, uncoated high-precision optical plane, the customer can also customize the size and coating. Please consult customer service price.

  • Optical lens- spherical lens

    Spherical lens refers to both the inner and outer surfaces of the lens, or a spherical surface, and the other half is a planar optical element. We provide uncoated high-precision spherical lenses, customers can also customize the size and coating. Please consult customer service price.

  • Optical lens - cylindrical lens

    Cylindrical lens is an aspherical lens, which can effectively reduce spherical aberration and chromatic aberration. With one-dimensional amplification function. We provide uncoated high precision optical cylinders of various materials, customers can also customize the size and coating. Please consult customer service price.

  • Optical lens- aspherical lens

    The aspherical lens has a better radius of curvature, which can maintain good aberration correction to obtain the desired performance. The application of aspheric lens brings excellent sharpness and higher resolution, and has a good application in miniaturization of lens. We provide high precision optical germanium, zinc selenide material coating of the aspheric surface, the customer can also be customized size and coating. Please consult customer service price.

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  • Optical scheme

  • Optical scheme 3

  • Optical scheme

Optical processing - from optical design to production and processing, inspection, one-stop finish.

1 plane lens processing          

Double sided polishing machine for polishing semiconductor wafer, magnetic material, sapphire, optical glass, metal materials and other hard brittle materials both high precision and high efficiency, the processing precision of optical 1/10 lambda, the minimum thickness is 0.2mm, processing size 10-300mm.       


2 spherical surface          

Low speed and high precision spherical surface, cylindrical lens processing, machining accuracy 1/10 lambda, processing size 10-300mm.     


3 aspheric machining          

The aspheric surface is designed to fix the image and solve the problem of distortion of the field of view. Aspheric lens to eliminate spherical aberration and flare, as image plane bending, distortion correction, due to a non spherical mirror correction ability is equal to a plurality of spherical lenses, the lens used in aspheric lens can achieve the lightweight.   


4 accuracy assurance, test equipment           Precision optical parts, equipped with high-precision testing equipment.

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