Talent concept

Today, the competition between enterprises, in the final analysis is the competition of talents, establish the importance of talent and talent. The rational development of talent. Use of talent.

Respect for talent - first of all, respect for personality, to understand the people, trust people.          

To cultivate talents - set up the organization system of the company, perfect the training system, through internal training and external training          

Raise, to make continuous progress and promotion of talent.          

Internal training: teachers and research job rotation          

External training: scientific research units to visit Institute class


Use talent - competitive selection, open recruitment           To use, with the director


1, improve the rank system and comprehensive training mechanism;          

2, the same industry competitive salary, performance, year-end awards and other incentives;          

3, improve the welfare system          

- meal subsidy          

- five social insurance and one housing fund          

- Fund staff activities          

- birthday gift          

- annual welfare          

-Staff cultural activities

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