Company profile

           The company is located in the beautiful capital of Beijing, is registered in Daxing, Zhongguancun science and Technology Park, Beijing biomedical industry base of high-tech enterprises. Focus on optical devices, optical lens and infrared thermal imager development, production and sales, is a high-end equipment manufacturing industry. 

          Service for scientific research institutes and in the end and end users of infrared imaging optical system. According to customer needs, to provide customers with one-stop solution. And mature products directly to the market and end customers. The infrared thermal imaging system is mainly used in military photoelectric early, with the progress of technology and mature technology is more and more widely in civilian areas, including scientific research. electric power. Oil.traffic. Medical security and other fields .

          Outstanding research and development team, first-class product quality, scientific and reasonable sales layout is the core driving force for development!        

          Company to "focus on product development, first-class product quality, with customer service" as the core value, through professional level and the tireless efforts of the team, establish a good corporate image, to provide quality for customers. With the market competitiveness of products and solutions.

Enterprise idea

  • Win-win rule

    Cooperation and development, mutual benefit and survival

  • Work principle

    Pragmatic and not false, modest and not arrogant crazy, firm and unwavering

  • Business purpose

    Technology allows users to rest assured that the service allows users satisfied

  • Business objectives

    Based on high and new technology, striving for first class enterprise

development history

  • 2017

Service Innovation

  • 定制服务

    Custom services

    Strong ability to customize services
    Customized according to customer specific needs

    Strong ability to customize services,

    Can be customized according to the specific needs of customers,

    Provide mature solutions for various industries

  • 售前服务

    Pre-sale services

    National Advisory Service Hotline

    To provide advice: to provide users with professional technical advice and infrared products before the troubleshooting

    Service hotline: national hotline

  • 售中支持

    Sale of services

    According to user needs and objective
    Provide a sound project solution

    Design: according to user needs and objective conditions to provide a sound project solution

    Technical guidance: professional and technical personnel to provide guidance for the implementation of the project to ensure the quality of the project

  • 售后承诺

    Sales service

    Technical response: 24 hours after sales response

    Quality assurance: the product from the date of sale of the whole machine warranty for one year, parts warranty for six months, within one month replacement, life-long maintenance

    Technical response: 24 hours after sales response

    Free training: free calibration service and application training

Company Event

market development

  • FRD products are widely used in electric power monitoring, maritime surveillance, petroleum and petrochemical, metallurgy manufacturing, coal mine safety, Airport Inspection and quarantine, oil monitoring research, railway detection, city safety monitoring, border monitoring, highway monitoring, forest fire prevention, fire and other more than and 20 industries.

  • The company set up the international market, the product gradually open the international market.
  • Stable customer base, good market reputation, to ensure the steady development of the company.

corporate culture

            Cultivate excellent R & D team, create first-class products, scientific and rational market layout, the development of design ideas, cutting-edge technology, let us win with customers!

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+86 13522706342

Beijing Daxing biological medicine base Tianhua Street No. 5 hospital international 3 1503

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